Pressfeedback english

„A short cadenza in the bass register of the grand piano played with plenty of pedal leads at the title track in a theme that almost sounds like a cantilena in its eloquence: A game of deception with contrasts with fractions, a casual alternation between the extremes, between tradition and modernity, this is, what distinguishes the debut „Digital immigrant“ of the Ulm based drummer (and early „Jazz thing Next generation“ – Act) Christian Krischkowsky´s new Quartet …. with expressive eloquence in the phrasing, with an unerring sense of dynamics, with antizipierendem sense for an improvising together. “ (Jazz Thing, september/ october 2016)

„… This is very well done – a dense and interactive nature of the interaction between peers on the basis of strong themes the tension between modern jazz tradition and the pursuit of its own Expression. A good way … „(Bert Noglik, july 2016)

„This band can not be calculated, always surprises … This is fodder for open ears.“ (Südwestpresse, august 2016)

„In „Sauschdall“ Krischkowsky and his quartet opened a barn door for the possibilities that improvised music offers at the present time and in future – If you only have the right imagination“ (Augsburger Allgemeine, june 2015)