Pressfeedback english

„Jazz bold, wild and inspired…“
(Udo Eberl, Südwestpresse 12/2021)

„A top-class and well-coordinated team that can easily compete internationally.“
(Jürgen Schwab, hr2-kultur, 08.11.2021)

„… a shimmering conglomerate of unwieldy compositions like „Gshdunga Hodama“ (…) or bumpy beats borrowed from hip-hop like „Football Evolution“ and – in homage to forefather Thelonious Monk – „l Mean You“…“
(Reinhard Köchl, JAZZTHING 9/10 2021)

„… this music…. requires attentive listening in order to be able to unfold its nuanced fullness. A constant development takes place, far away from any ideas of conventional jazz, the band creates something that both integrates tradition and freely designed passages…“
(Wolfgang Giese, MUSIK AN SICH 2021)

„Krischkowsky’s music is expressed in fascinating compositions……very visual music… real music to enjoy …the whole album is a musical experience, all credits to Krischkowsky and his fellow musicians!“
(Jan van Leersum, ROOTSTIME 2021)

„A short cadenza in the bass register of the grand piano played with plenty of pedal leads at the title track in a theme that almost sounds like a cantilena in its eloquence: A game of deception with contrasts with fractions, a casual alternation between the extremes, between tradition and modernity, this is, what distinguishes the debut „Digital immigrant“ of the Ulm based drummer (and early „Jazz thing Next generation“ – Act) Christian Krischkowsky´s new Quartet …. with expressive eloquence in the phrasing, with an unerring sense of dynamics, with antizipierendem sense for an improvising together. “
(Jazz Thing, september/ october 2016)

„… This is very well done – a dense and interactive way of interacting with like-minded people on the basis of strong themes in the field of tension between modern jazz tradition and striving for one’s own expression…“
(Bert Noglik, july 2016)

„This band can not be calculated, always surprises … This is fodder for open ears.“
(Südwestpresse, august 2016)

„In „Sauschdall“ Krischkowsky and his quartet opened a barn door for the possibilities that improvised music offers at the present time and in future – If you only have the right imagination“
(Augsburger Allgemeine, june 2015)